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Udtalelser fra tidligere praktikanter

Name: Louise Gammeljord

Education: Can. Merc. Strategy, Organization & Leadership at Aarhus University

Internship period: August 2018 – January 2019

Role: Commercial Assistant

Placement: Royal Danish Embassy in Manila

What were your main assignments?

During my internship in the trade council I have mainly done a lot of market and partner research for all kind of sectors. Beside the research a lot of different ad-hoc tasks was giving to me, like participating in business meetings, preparing press kit, support for organizing delegation visit, attending business conferences, etc. I really enjoyed being engaged in many different cases and sectors, which I really see as a great opportunity to get an insight into different parts of the businesses in the Philippines.

What did you learn?

I learned a lot about the Foreign Ministry and the daily work at an Embassy. Furthermore, I learned how network and market knowledge is useful to assist Danish companies in starting export or finding a business partner in a foreign market. The internship provided me with a great knowledge about the South East Asian market and especially the Philippines business culture.

What was your best experience?

Is hard to chose one experience! For me, trying out different tasks and being involved in different cases is the most valuable experience. Besides that, following a case from start to delivery was a great experience. The experience of how the first contact from the Danish company to the Trade Council ends up in an agreement between the Danish company and a local distributor, where you have been engaged in the whole process in-between has been a really valuable experience for me. 

How is it to live in the Philippines?

It is different and for sure, a great experience. Manila is a huge city with so many different areas and a lot of shopping malls, coffee bars and restaurants. You quickly find out Filipinos love food and the air-condition in the shopping malls. But, the Philippines is so much more than Manila. You can easily fly to a lot of beautiful islands – the Philippines have it all; beaches, rice terraces, snorkeling, diving, island-hopping, crystal clear water and not to forget the tropical climate. Furthermore, the English level for Filipinos are high compared to other South East Asian countries, which make it easy to communicate with the locals. So how is the life in the Philippines? GREAT!

What is your best advice to future interns?

If you get the opportunity to be an intern at the Royal Danish Embassy in Manila, do not hesitate to take it. Come with an open mind and enjoy the hospitality from the Filipinos. Make sure to enjoy your stay at the embassy as well as outside work. Engage with the locals, travel the beautiful islands and enjoy living in a fast-developing country.
Name: Randi Emilie Dahlen

Education: political science at University of Copenhagen

Internship period: August 2018 - January 2019

Role: Political and administrative intern Placement: Manila, Philippines

What were your main assignments?

I monitored the news to keep the ambassador and myself up to speed on developments in the political scene, which in the Philippines can be quite dramatic. I also attended meetings, conferences, talks and seminars on behalf of Denmark, where the topics varied greatly. In addition, I wrote analyses for the ambassador as well as the MFA about main events and did smaller administrative tasks when needed.

What did you learn?

Representing Denmark on my own and meeting with high-level officials and diplomatic colleagues was definitely the most rewarding part of the internship. Although challenging at first, it greatly increased my confidence in networking and presenting myself in a convincing and professional manner. I also got really good at reading news and taking in massive amounts of information which I would later put in a bigger perspective to understand the role of politics in the Philippines, especially under a president such as Rodrigo Duterte. Speaking of which: it was interesting to learn about his leadership that showed a much more nuanced picture of a man we in Denmark have come to know for the so called “war on drugs” . And yes, he has said some provocative things, but he has also created positive change in a number of areas. I also learned a lot outside my working hours. I volunteered in a teaching program for children in Tondo, the biggest slum area in the capital, which taught me the value of education and gratefulness. I also joined in International Coastal Cleanup in Manila Bay, where I saw thousands spending their morning picking up trash from Manila Bay. It shows that Filipinos know how to come together when they want to.

What was your best experience?

There is a lot of littering in Manila. One day I got fed up and started picking up trash on my way to and from work, maybe twice a week. Months later, a guy approached me and asked to make a Facebook post about it. Then it went viral. I was featured in TV and radio and even got recognized on the street a couple of times! It was a strange and wonderful experience and fortunately, it didn’t last for more than a couple of weeks.

How is it to live in the Philippines?

Fun! Filipinos are so friendly and open, especially compared to the rest of Asia. There are so many beautiful islands to see on your days off, with magnificent nature and good food! Manila itself is a huge city, which took me time to adapt to, but the area I lived in was very Western and pleasant. They also have a big LGBTQ-community here, so I saw many great drag shows as well. The climate can be intense in the hottest seasons, but you get used to it.