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Travel App

Going to live or travel in the Philippines? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a new app “UM Rejseklar” to provide better service to Danes living and travelling abroad.

“UM Rejseklar” provides access to a broad field of services of relevance to Danish travelers and expatriates living abroad. In addition to the information that is available from the Consular Services Department of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “UM Rejseklar” also provides guidance to the nearest Danish embassy or consulate, as well as location-specific information from the Ministry in case of an emergency.

 With “UM Rejseklar” you can

  • read the latest updated travel advice
  • register your stay abroad on “The list of Danes abroad”
  • get the coordinates of the nearest embassy or consulate
  • receive messages via the app in case of an emergency

The App is free and can be downloaded in AppStore, Google Play or Windows Store.

Please go to UM Rejseklar for further information (only in Danish).