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Passport and Visa Requirements

For information on visa and passport requirements to enter the Philippines, please check out the website of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Travel to the Philippines


For information on residence and work permit in the Philippines, please check out the website of Bureau of Immigration Philippines


For those with visa concerns in the Philippines, 07 July 2021

The Philippine immigration authorities warns foreign nationals not to deal with "fixers" or people/companies illegally facilitating transaction, often for a huge fee for the fast processing of their documents or visas. The authorities advises to contact or visit the Bureau of Immigration (BI) office for assistance.

If you want to report or were victimized by fixers, please email BI: [email protected] and to the Committee on Good Governance (CGG), [email protected]  


Information from other authorities and advice and guidance is provided on the homepages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, the Ministry of Foreign of Affairs cannot be held responsible for possible problems regardless of the information on the homepages.