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In Case of Emergency

For urgent assistance, please contact the embassy at +632 8865 8800 or email, [email protected]   

The Embassy/Consulates CAN assist you with:

  • Issuing of a new Danish passport 
  • Provide list of lawyers in case of arrest
  • Contact relatives in Denmark
  • Contact insurance/funeral/company in case of an accident, illness or death
  • Service of documents in civil proceedings

The Embassy/Consulates CANNOT assist you with:

  • Matters which are usually handled by lawyers, other established advisers, banks, travel agencies and hotels
  • Jail release or payment of lawyer
  • Pay hospital or doctor without guarantee from you, your bank or family
  • Provide you with work or work permit

If you need help after normal business hours, at night, or during weekends and holidays, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ 24/7 Emergency Center directly at +45 3392 1112/ [email protected] or you may be transferred to the Emergency Center by calling the Embassy´s telephone number +63 2 8865 8800.

Please, also see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs central website for emergency matters (in Danish only). 
Please note that as a general rule, a fee is applicable to most services, with the exceptions of imprisonment, child abduction cases and in the instance of a serious crime committed against a Danish national. Please find the fee schedule here .

Information from other authorities and advice and guidance is provided on the homepages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, the Ministry of Foreign of Affairs cannot be held responsible for possible problems regardless of the information on the homepages.