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Visa for Seafarers

Seafarers that will embark a vessel going to Denmark, Greenland and/or the Faroe Islands need to apply for a Transit Visa. Greenland and the Faroe Islands are part of the jurisdiction of Denmark, thus a transit visa must be issued first by the Embassy to seafarers before embarking a vessel in the said countries. Please note that this kind of visa is issued solely for the purpose of joining a vessel and cannot be used as a tourist/business or working visa. Seafarers who are going to Denmark, Greenland and/or the Faroe Islands to attend a conference, training or the like should apply for a Short Stay Visa with the purpose of a Business Trip and not a Transit Visa.


Step 1 - Download and print the Schengen Visa application form and checklist for Seafarers

The checklist will give you a complete overview of all documents you need to submit when applying for a visa

Step 2 - Collect the required documentation

Fill out the application form and complete the documentation mentioned in the relevant checklist

Step 3 - Submit the application

Carefully check that you have collected all supporting documentation. Arrange the documents in order according to the appropriate checklist. Submit your file personally and have your biometrics collected at the Visa Application Center (VAC).

Visa applications may be submitted at the Visa Application Center without prior appointment Monday-Friday, from 07.00 - 09.00 only. Otherwise, you may schedule an appointment with the VAC. Appointments are from 09.00-14.00 Monday-Friday. Please check the VAC's website for further information. Click here.

The visa procedure can normally take up to 15 calendar days. Processing time may vary for every visa application file. For more information, please click here.

Step 4 - Decision is reached

The Visa Application Centre or the Embassy will contact you when a decision is reached. We will contact you in case something is missing in your application or if further information is required. 


When you pick up your visa, please bring the application receipt issued by the Visa Application Center when you lodge your application. If you cannot come personally to pick up your documents, you may send a representative in your behalf with your authorization letter and a valid ID with picture of your representative.



The seafarer MUST be covered by the company's insurance; hence the manning agent/company is requested to indicate in their guarantee letter certifying that the seafarer is under the coverage of the insurance benefits.