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Invest in Denmark

The World Bank ranks Denmark’s business climate as the best in Europe because doing business in Denmark has proven to be fast, efficient and profitable. 

Invest in Denmark is part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is there to help you start up a business in Denmark. So if your company is considering expanding your business activities in Denmark and accessing one of Europe's most skilled and competitive talent pools, then Invest in Denmark should be your first stop. 

Core Industry Competences in Denmark

Innovation in the Life Sciences
Thanks to a rich network of universities, hospitals and companies working together in the fields of medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, the Danish life-sciences industry is – on an international level – a leading example of how to successfully turn academic knowledge into commercial business results. In actual numbers, Denmark is home to the 2nd largest commercial drug development pipeline in Europe – measured by drug per inhabitant, which provides access to innovative R&D skills.


Go Green in Denmark
With 1,100 Danish clean-tech companies, 60,000 employees and an export value of EUR 12 billion, Denmark is indisputably one of the world’s clean-tech centres. By 2020, Denmark aims for its electricity consumption to be comprised of 35% renewable energy and 50% wind energy, which means that this segment holds significant business potential.


A Hub for ICT
Denmark is a frontrunner in the development of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and thus a prime location for international companies that want to expand their business in this area. Denmark has been praised as one of the best test-markets in the world, thanks to its unparalleled IT infrastructure, some of the world’s highest ICT penetration rates for mobiles, broadband and PCs, and progressive consumers who are quick to adopt new technologies.


A Global Leader in the Maritime Industry
Thanks to its long-standing maritime traditions, Denmark has excelled in developing a broad range of advanced seafaring technologies over the years. Along with favourable framework conditions, this makes Denmark a good base for leading shipping companies. Denmark also has a robust offshore energy industry.


The Danish flexicurity provides new investors with significantly fewer irreversible costs and much more on-going flexibility to plan and adjust their production – especially compared with other neighbouring countries. A significant benefit is also that, other than a negligible annual expenditure of approx. EUR 1,350 per employee, employers in Denmark are not required to make a social-security contribution, whereas employers in other European countries must pay in excess of 30% of an employee’s salary towards social security.

Furthermore, the Danish government recently launched an ambitious ‘Growth Plan’ that aims to make Denmark even more competitive. As part of this plan, the corporate tax rate will be gradually reduced from 25% to 22% by 2016, and a number of other business-friendly deductions in taxes and levies will be implemented. Combined with these new initiatives, the current rules that allow for the depreciation of business expenses will make actual taxation rates even lower.

Finally, Denmark offers some of the world’s lowest rates for data and telecommunication services as well as competitive salary levels, especially for managers/scientists.

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