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Short Stay (Maximum 90 days)

If you intend to travel to Denmark as a tourist with a purpose of a family/friend visit, business trip or tourism, you need to apply for Schengen visa. Denmark is part of the Schengen Region in Europe. A Schengen visa then may be granted to applicants who are going to Denmark for a short stay visit. This visa can also be used to visit other Schengen states and is only valid for a maximum of 90 days in the period of 180 days. The Schengen visa is strictly a visitor's visa and it does NOT give the holder right to reside or work in Denmark. Checklists of documents to be submitted for short stay visa application may be found and downloaded from the links provided on the right side panel of this page.

Individuals applying for a Schengen Visa must submit applications personally at the Visa Application Center (VAC).

Information regarding submitting your application may be found in the Visa Application Center website, click here.


Types of Short Stay Visa: 

Business Schengen Visa: 
Applicants who are going on a business trip, attending a conference, or participating in cultural and in sports events in Denmark must apply for a business visa. As a general rule you must be able to substantiate the business or prove commercial relationships by invitations and other supporting documentation.

◾Private Visit Schengen Visa (Visit Family, Visit Distant Relatives/Friends):

Applicants visiting family or friends in Denmark must apply for a private Schengen visa. As a general rule you must be able to substantiate proof of the family or friend relation.

Tourism Schengen Visa:

Applicants going for organized group tours or planning their own tourist trip to Denmark must apply for a tourist visa.



How to apply?
Step 1 - Download and print the application form and relevant checklist for your purpose of travel found on the upper right side panel of this page. 
The checklist will give you a complete overview of all documents you need to submit when applying for a visa.
Step 2 - Collect the required documentation

Fill out the application form and complete the documentation mentioned in the relevant checklist.

Step 3 - Submit the application
Carefully check that you have collected all supporting documentation. Arrange the documents in order according to the appropriate checklist. Submit your file personally and have your biometrics collected at the Visa Application Center (VAC).
Visa applications may be submitted at the Visa Application Center without prior appointment Monday-Friday, from 07.00 - 09.00 only. Otherwise, you may schedule an appointment with the VAC. Appointments are from 09.00-14.00 Monday-Friday. Please check the VAC's website for further information. Click here.

The visa procedure can normally take up to 15 calendar days. However in some cases, the Embassy may ask for additional documentation and further verifications that may extend the processing time to 30-60 calendar days.

Processing time may vary for every visa application file. For more information, please click here.

Please be aware that you cannot submit an application earlier than three months before planned entry to Schengen. 
Step 4 - Decision is reached
The Visa Application Centre or the Embassy will contact you when a decision is reached. We will contact you in case something is missing in your application or if further information is required.
When you pick up your visa and/or passport, please bring the application receipt issued by the Visa Application Center when you lodge your application. If you cannot come personally to pick up your documents, you may send a representative in your behalf with your authorization letter and a valid ID with picture of your representative. You may also opt to have your documents sent back to you through courier for an extra fee to be settled with the Danish Visa Application Center upon submission of your application. However,, sending passports via courier is at the applicant's own risk. The Embassy assumes no resposibility for this.  

Grace Period

According to the 2010 visa regulations for all Schengen countries, The Embassy will always add a “grace period” to the validity period of your visa. This means that we will add 15 days to your visa’s validity beyond what is mentioned on your invitation and/or dispatch letter.

Please note, that validity period and duration of stay is not the same.

To exemplify, if you in your application form applied for a 10 day visa, The Embassy will always give you 15 days of grace, in total the validity period of your visa would be 25 days. However, you can only stay in the Schengen territory for 10 days within the 25 day period.

For more information on how to understand your visa sticker, please click here.


Travel Medical Insurance  
On the 5 April 2010, the New Visa Code was implemented. Travel Medical Insurance must now be submitted with the application and is subject to a new validity requirement. Moreover, the Insurance must be bought from an Insurance Company that is accredited by the Schengen Group in Manila.       
The applicant must ensure that the payment for the insurance will be reimbursed if a Visa is not granted. 
Another requirement following the new Visa Code is that the Embassy is required to issue Visas with a 15-days grace period. This means that approved Visas will be issued with the requested (and approved) amount of days, plus 15 days.  
This means that the Travel Medical Insurance must be valid for the duration of the actual travel period, plus 15 days. For example, if the travel is for 10 days, the insurance must be valid for 10 days during a period of 25 days, i.e. if the travel is from 1 May to 10 May, the Travel Medical Insurance must be valid for 10 days in the period from 1 May to 25 May.    
In cases where the insurance may not be purchased with the given requirement, the applicants may purchase an insurance valid for the duration of the whole period, i.e. in this example, valid for 25 days from 1 May to 25 May.  

The Insurance must be bought from an Insurance Company that is accredited by the Schengen Group in Manila. You may find the list of accredited insurance companies here.

Travel medical insurance must meet the following criteria:

    ◾It is valid throughout the Schengen area or worldwide.

    ◾It is valid during the entire period of your stay in Schengen area following the above mentioned requirements

    ◾The coverage is at least EURO 30,000 or PHP 2.5M.

    ◾The coverage includes medical repatriation and evacuation, urgent medical care and/or emergency treatment in a hospital and assistance in case of death.