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Student Permit

You must hold a residence permit in order to reside and study in Denmark, if you are a citizen of a country outside the Nordic countries or the EU/EEA. There are three main categories of studies which can warrant a residence permit: Higher educational programs, Basic and youth study programs and folk high schools (folkehøjskoler).

For information about Residence Permits for Student, please click here.   


For information about how to apply for Student Permit and to see the correct application form, please click here.  

You may find information regarding submitting your application in the Visa Application Center's website, click here.

Application fees:

Application fee for residence and/or work permit is found on the List of service fees on the left side panel of this page.

Apart from the application fee, a fee required by the Danish Immigration Service (DIS) must be settled in order to obtain a Case Order ID, for more information please click here. 

The Case Order ID issued by the DIS must be submitted to the Visa Application Center (VAC) along with the application.

Case Processing:

 Applications for Student Permit Applications are transferred (electronically) by the Embassy to the Danish Immigration Service (DIS) for processing.
DIS' processing times are published and continuously updated here.  

Status Enquiries:

Please note that the Embassy does not have any information about the application whilst it is in Denmark for processing. Any enquiries about the application must therefore be directed to (   / +45 35 30 87 50 / +45 35 36 66 00).

Visa Issuance:

When a decision has been made, you will be informed by the Visa Application Center or the Embassy.

Applicants who wish to have their passport returned to them by courier, may be settled at the VAC upon lodging an application with additional charges. However, sending passports is at the applicants own risk. The Embassy assumes no responsibility for this.