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Danish passports at the Embassy

From 1 January 2012, Danish passports will contain digital photographs, fingerprints and signature of the holder. This creates greater security that the passport cannot be misused. Your current passport is still valid until its date of expiry.

With the introduction of biometric passports, the applicant is required to appear in person in order to obtain fingerprints, digital signature and have the digital photos taken on the day of application. The applicant must submit in person an accomplished application form which is available at the embassy and can be downloaded here. 

The applicant must bring the current passport.


An appointment is needed when applying for a Danish passport.



Please note that while the Danish passport (issued to individuals born abroad) is considered a valid travel document, it does not automatically confirm the person’s Danish nationality. In principle, individuals born outside of Denmark to Danish parent/s and who have never resided in Denmark forfeit their Danish nationality when they turn 22 years of age, unless they have applied before their 22nd birthday to the Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing for retention of Danish nationality. Please refer to the Ministry’s website for more information:


Stolen passport 

If your passport has been lost or stolen you must file a police report and attach a copy to the new passport application.

Your current passport 

Your current passport will be cancelled when the new one is handed out at the embassy. If you hold valid visa in the old passport, make sure to check with the representative of the countries in question, if the visa will still be valid.

Processing time

Passports to Danish citizens residing abroad are produced in Denmark and the processing time is between 3-5 weeks. Passport applications should therefore be submitted well before a scheduled journey.

Pick up of new passports

When collecting the new passport, you must bring the old passport for cancellation. Your passport may also be collected at other missions or Borger Service Centres in Denmark (please note an extra fee charge will be requested).

 You may find the fee schedule here.