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Passport for children below 12 years old

When applying for the first time for a Danish passport, the following documents must be presented in person to the Consulate: 

  • Completed application form. The applicant and both parents MUST be present at the Danish consulate in Cebu or Davao to sign the declaration of consent. If one of the parents is in Denmark or residing abroad, he/she may sign personally at the Kommune or at any Danish mission abroad.  
  • DFA-authenticated Birth Certificate*
  • DFA-authenticated Marriage Certificate* of parents (if the applicant was born before 1 July 2014).
  • Original marriage certificate of parents issued by the Kommune, if  married in Denmark (this is a requirement if the applicant was born before 1 July 2014).
  • Parents’ valid passports.
  • One passport-sized photo - please see guidelines here.

*DFA authentication (red ribbon) must be issued within the last 6 months.


For passport renewal under 12 years of age, below are the requirements:

  • Completed application form. Section C of the application form must be personally signed by custodial parent/s at the Consulate. If both or one of the parent/s is out of the country, he/she may sign personally at the Kommune or at any Danish mission abroad.  
  • Current Danish passport

You may find the fee schedule here. Please bring exact amount.


Please note that while the Danish passport (issued to individuals born abroad) is considered a valid travel document, it does not automatically confirm the person’s Danish nationality. In principle, individuals born outside of Denmark to Danish parent/s and who have never resided in Denmark forfeit their Danish nationality when they turn 22 years of age, unless they have applied before their 22nd birthday to the Ministry of Immigration and Integration for retention of Danish nationality. Please refer to the Ministry’s website for more information: