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Ambassador's Greeting

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Denmark in the Philippines. We are working for Denmark and promoting Danish interests. We are very keen to broaden and deepen relations between Denmark and the Philippines within all fields and sectors.

The Embassy started the re-opening process in August 2014 and celebrated the official re-opening on 22 January 2015 after having been closed since 2002. By February 2015, we took over processing of visa for Denmark, previously handled by the Embassy of Norway (read more about visa application process on this website).

In 2016, we are celebrating 70 years of diplomatic relations with the Philippines. Denmark was one of the first countries recognizing the country’s independence in 1946.

At the Embassy of Denmark in Manila, we are two posted diplomats from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the ambassador and the consul). We have now some 14 locally recruited employees and 1-2 interns from Denmark on a six months basis.

One of the essential tasks of the Embassy is to assist Danish citizens (and persons with a residence permit in Denmark) as swiftly and effectively as possible, if they get into need in the Philippines. We continuously follow and analyse developments in the security situation. In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen, we regularly update our travel advice to guide stay and movement as best as possible.

The potential for economic cooperation and trade with the Philippines is very promising due to the marked improvement in the political and economic situation in the country. Quite a number of Danish companies are already active here, but we have already after one year experienced a significant interest from other companies to learn more about the Philippines. Our Trade Council at the Embassy has got more staff and is ready to professionally assist Danish companies to get into the market. The Embassy will continue to deepen the knowledge of the local sectors and market opportunities. We are ready to advise and help Danish companies that wish to establish or expand business contacts in the country. We are eager to match the needs and demands in the Philippines with Danish expertise and resources.

Through our close cooperation with the six other Danish embassies in the ASEAN region, we are able to help Danish companies availing of opportunities in the whole region.

Of course, we also keep the Danish authorities updated on essential political, economic and humanitarian developments in the Philippines.

Promotion of cultural activities and outreach is another part of our job. We stand ready to facilitate all kind of interesting initiatives within the cultural field to further develop relations between people in Denmark and people in the Philippines. It is our ambition to feature a broad spectrum of Danish culture. And we are also ready to facilitate presentation of Philippine culture in Denmark.

Through the website and our Facebook page we do our best to give an updated and professional image of the Embassy’s activities and inform about relevant events in Denmark and the Philippines. Through links, we guide you to other websites with relevant information. Should you find pertinent information is missing or do you have ideas to improvements, do not hesitate to alert us.

The more we can actively assist broadening and deepening relations between Denmark and the Philippines, at all levels, the better. We are here to serve Danes and Filipinos.

Jan Top Christensen

Ambassador of Denmark